Wednesday, September 15, 2010


In Chinese medicine way,we divide into these types:
1.Kidney deficiency:
(1) Kidney Yang deficiency: can have disorder period, easy to feel tired, low energy,sensitive to cold,sore back,cold extremes,frequent urination.
Chinese herbs: Er Xian plus You Gui.
Acupuncture: Acupoints on Kidney meridian plus moxa.
(2) Kidney Yin deficiency: can have disorder period with dizziness,tinnitus,sore back,weakness of legs, hot flush, night sweat and so on.
Chinese herbs: Er Zhi plus Zuo Gui
Acupuncture: Acupoints on Kindey and Liver meridians
2. Qi and Blood deficiency:
can have pale lips and/or face,tiredness,low energy,light period.
Chinese herbs: Qiu Lin Zhu
Acupuncture: Acupoints on Spleen and Stomach meridians.
3. Liver Qi Stagnation:
Can have depress,like to sigh,blockage in the stomach,light period or period disorder,tender breast before or during period.
Chinese herbs: Kai Yu Zhong Zi Tang
Acupuncture: Acupoints on Liver and Spleen meridians.
4. Blood Stagnation:
Can have cramp during period, dark period with blood clots,purple colour in the tongue,
Chinese herbs:Ge Xia Zhuo Yu Tang
Acupuncture: Acupoints like He Gu,Xue Hai,San Yin Jiao.
5. Dampness:
Most people with dampness have big size,heavy body but meantime no energy.
Chinese herbs: Cang Fu Dao Tan Wan
Acupuncture: Acupoints on Spleen meridian.

Actually, in the clinic, a lot people have more complicated symptoms. It's most mixture of a few types. So that's why it's very important to consult a Chinese medicine doctor to have an acute diagnosis. The treatment course is depend on the cause,the condition of disease and individual reaction to the treatment. We do see some people even just have one time treatment,they get pregnant .Some people take one year or more than that. Average is around three period circles.


Manju said...

Hi Sara,
You are the best doctor I have ever seen in a long long time, by asking me so many questions to diagnose my condition perfectly. I have full faith that I will recover from my PCOS very soon.
I am already feeling the difference in just my first session.Thank you so very much.

Manju said...

Hi Sara,
I knew I could count on you, 3 months of treatment from you helped my body to attain a stable condition, to get me pregnant. I thank you with all my heart. Like how I told you, you are my family doctor from now onwards, not just my accupuncturist. You are a dedicated and genuine doctor, who like to see results rather than to make yourself rich. You are a role model of a good doctor.
Thank you for changing my life.