Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Acupuncture Treatment of Acute Traumatic Laryngitis

Recently, I had a client, he is around 20, a student of UT. He had an accident when he played basketball one month ago. The ball hit his front neck,causing the dehiscence of thyroid cartilage. He had symptoms of hoarse voice. sore throat. If we divide the volume of voice 0-10,he was like 1. And you can feel he put so much effort to talk. He himself was studying medicine now. He went to see a specialist. The specialist said there is nothing he can do,only with time going on, maybe it will get slowly better. He waited for one month,there is not too much improvement. It's a suffer,especially for him,he is a part time singer,too.
Tell you the truth,I hadn't have this kind of case before. But it's a trauma, it's just at an unusual place. I used a special acupoint just beside the thyroid cartilage( Be very careful to avoid thyroid gland and carotid artery),and plus moxa. Moxa can help increase local blood circulation,reduce the swollen and calm down the inflammation. When the second time I saw him,His voice volume is 5-6.The third time is 90% improved. Forth time went back to normal. Easy,safe ,fast and no side effect.