Thursday, July 15, 2010


One day, a client walked in and asked if I can help for his insomnia. When he was talking,you can feel the tension. He was taking some medicine for his mental problem for more than twenty years. Then since 2004,he had trouble with sleep. Every night, he went to bed around 10 pm, then woke up around 1-2am, and couldn't fall asleep anymore. Since then ,he started to take sleeping pill,till now,he was taking five kinds of sleeping pills, still no change. He asked me if I can help him. Be honestly, I'm not sure. I said you can try ten times of acupuncture to see if it works for you.
I did a check up for him. He has a thick and yellow tongue coat. His pulse on both hand ,you can feel the tension and slippery. So his tongue and his pulse indicated he had heat and dampness as a toxic in his body. And according to his sleep pattern,which wakes up around 1-2am, meant the toxic stayed at his liver and gall bladder meridians. And he had this problem for more than six years, we said chronic problems can cause the deficiency. specially the heat can definitely effect on liver Ying. So I used acupuncture points on these two meridians. After the first time treatment,when I went home, I thought about this case again,(usually for some interesting cases,I'd like to go through again to see if anything I can do to improve the result ),then I decided to give him some Chinese herbal tablets .Even it costed a little more,(this client was quite concerned about the financial,I tried to use least money to help) ,but I thought it should help. The good news was,when the second time,he came, he felt a little improvement. Even that,I still convinced him to take the herbal medicine. Since the third time,he saw more improvement. Even he still woke up,but he can fall asleep in half hour. Four or five times later on,even he can go through the whole night. And his tongue coat is disappeared. His pulse was more even then before. And he started to joke with me. I'm so happy for him. This is the best gift for me.